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ARC compost pilot project

April 3, 2019

The Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) has always been a great teacher of environmental stewardship. As part of that commitment, a group of students, through funding from the Coca-Cola Student Sustainability Grants, has created a composting pilot program. The group sees this program as a first step in sharing their passion for sustainability with the rest of campus.

The composting program involves a 400 Liter composting unit, a vermi-composting unit, (12) 3-gallon buckets and a bike trailer. The compost bin is located outside the Adventure Recreation Center (ARC) and is available to be used by all students using the facility. The vermi-compost unit is located in the OAC office area for staff to compost their food scraps. The twelve buckets will be distributed to the other recreation sports facilities on campus and placed in their student staff areas. OAC student staff has volunteered to pick up these bins weekly, and compost the food waste in the 400 liter unit at ARC. Once the unit reaches maximum capacity, the digested compost will be used onsite for flower beds, and the excess material will be given to the Waterman Student Farm.

This program will allow for new teaching opportunities during the compost pickups, and clinic programs. This puts the OAC in the position to teach students the skills and mindsets to live sustainably both on the trail and in the classroom.