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Under the SEA

October 31, 2019

Under the SEA is a marine biology club on campus that focuses on the amazing field of marine biology in the context of its three core values: Service, Exploration, and Awareness. The club is headed by President Sophia Madeline and Vice President Milad Vedaie with board members Ashley Yockey, Elise Boos, Elizabeth Crump, Jenna Albaugh, and Masha Manilchuk. 

In the spirit of its values, Under the SEA participates in service through its regular waterway cleanups and philanthropic conservation efforts (their sponsored animal this year is coral!). They encourage learning and exploration through their interest-based club meetings and speaker activities. The club promotes awareness by bringing marine biology to a larger audience in our great, but largely non-coastal state of Ohio. Past events include coral farm tours, SCUBA interest sessions, and tours of the Aquatic Ecology Laboratory (AEL). Under the SEA is always looking for new members, so if it sounds like something that might float your boat, check them out at