Office of Student Life

Green Buckeyes

Make your room a Certified Green Buckeye Room!

Hey Buckeyes! Do you turn the lights off when you leave the room? Do you know what’s recyclable on campus? If you want to see how knowledgeable you are about sustainability and how you compare with others, become a Certified Green Buckeye!

The Certified Green Buckeye program is a sustainability initiative to promote energy and environmentally conscious living within residence halls. To participate, students will complete a questionnaire about what things they do to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives. Based on the score of your questionnaire, you will be placed into one of three tiers:

  • Certified Green Buckeye: 1-19 points
  • Certified Green Buckeye, Gray Level: 20-39 points
  • Certified Green Buckeye, Scarlet Level: 40-50 points

After submitting the Certified Green Buckeye questionnaire, you will receive an email from Green Buckeyes confirming you are now a Certified Green Buckeye and your achievement level. The email will also include a certificate that can be printed and hung on your door to show that you’re a Certified Green Buckeye.

Show off your achievement to your floor and get your friends to join you!

The questionnaire is available throughout the semester so that students can become certified at any time.  Plus, you can take it multiple times to move up the tiers!

Get started and take the Certified Green Buckeye questionnaire today!