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Green Buckeyes

Go Green this Halloween!

Make your 2021 Halloween more environmentally friendly by composting your pumpkin and its guts. By participating, you not only help reduce your carbon footprint, but also provide a valuable service to the environment by returning the pumpkin’s nutrients to the soil.  AND—you can win a portable solar speaker!

Contest details:

To be eligible, students (undergraduate, graduate and professional) must be enrolled at Ohio State’s Columbus campus. Take at least two photos and share them on Instagram, tagging @GreenBuckeyes and #GreenHalloween.  One photo should be a picture of your decorated pumpkin, and the second showing you composting the pumpkin. Entries must be received by 12:01 AM on Monday, November 15. 

How to compost pumpkins:

First, if you’ve not carved your pumpkin, you’ll want to remove the seeds (consider roasting them for a tasty treat!), any remaining wax, ribbons or other items you used to decorate it.  Next, chop the pumpkin up into small pieces.  Then, dispose in one of the following ways:


Residence hall students:

Pumpkins can be placed in bright green compost containers, located as follows

  • North Campus: In corral between Curl Market and Barrett House, OR on west side of Scott House, behind Scott Traditions
  • South Campus: At the loading dock of Kennedy Commons on 12th Avenue side
  • West Campus: At the Morrill Loading Dock off of the first floor of Morrill Tower.

NOTE!  Do not place plastic or any other non-food items into the bins, as this will contaminate the compost and cause the entire load to go to the landfill.


Off-campus students:

  1. Compost at home!  It’s easy. All you need to do is to spread the small pieces of pumpkin in a garden bed or in the grass (be sure to remove the seeds first, or they may sprout).  Cover the pumpkin in leaves and let nature do its work.  Do not disturb the leaves to check on progress; the pumpkin will degrade over time and will be completely broken down by spring, leaving behind rich soil. 
  2. Alternative: Bring your pumpkins to 2560 Kenny Road (known as the Laundry Building) and place into bright green compost bins at the loading dock on the northeast side of the building.

NOTE! Do not place plastic or any other non-food items in the bins, as this will contaminate the compost and cause the entire load to go to the landfill.


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