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Total Residence Hall Competition Results

The Total 2018 Recyclemania results are in! Our final campus leaders in the competition are Lawrence Tower on North Campus with 10.32 pounds of recycling per resident, German House on South Campus with 22.50 pounds per resident, and Lincoln House on West Campus with 14.03 pounds per resident. The overall campus winners are Scott House Nosker House with 28.81 pounds of recycling per resident!


Great job, Buckeyes! Keep recycling your paper, bottle shaped plastics, cardboards, glass bottles and jars, and aluminum cans. Here are the total campus results. How did your residence hall measure up?


Residence Halls Pounds/Resident (Total)
Archer/Norton/Mendoza 4.45
Baker East & West 5.91
Bradley/Paterson 4.69
Buckeye Village 10.65
Barrett/Haverfield/Blackburn/Halloran/Busch 4.01
Drackett/North Rec/Torres 3.28
Fechko 5.29
German House 22.5
Hanley/Pomerene/Scholars/Neil & Worthington Bldgs 9.99
Jones/Houston/Houck 3.75
Lawrence Tower 10.32
Lincoln 14.03
Mack/Canfield 8.25
Scott/Nosker House 28.81
Morrill 10.4
Morrison 3.23
Park/Stradley 3.78
Pennsylvania Place 9.23
Raney/Bowen 5.03
Siebert 14.35
Steeb/Smith 3.99
Taylor 3.56
Residence on 10th 8.18

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Items that CAN be recycled at Ohio State

Items that CANNOT be recycled at Ohio State