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Being a Green Buckeye Over the Summer

May 15, 2018

Happy summer Green Buckeyes! You may be relaxing, working, taking summer classes, having fun or a combination of all of these, but you should still be keeping sustainability in the back of your mind. Here are some easy and sometimes obvious ways to stay green this summer.


  1. Take the bus! It's so easy, especially if you're sticking around Columbus but if not find your local COTA bus schedule and see if you can take the bus once or twice a week instead of driving. Biking, skateboarding, or carpooling are other great ways to reduce emissions.
  2. When waiting for someone in your car, turn off the car and roll your windows down. You won't overheat, we promise!
  3. Join GreenSpot – they help to inspire, educate and recognize individuals around Columbus for reaching green goals. Be a part of the movement! 
  4. Collect rainwater to feed your household plants! Repurpose a container and use it as a rain barrel.
  5. Shop at your local farmer's market! Did you know Ohio State has its own farmer's market in August? Support your local farmers and shop at farmers markets this summer! 
  6. If you left Columbus, make sure you look up the recycling regulations for where you live, as they change city by city.


Follow these tips to have a green and great summer!