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  • Coca Cola Sustainability Grant Past Winner - Green Wall Project Coca Cola Sustainability Grant Past Winner - Green Wall Project

Coca-Cola Student Sustainability Grants 2018

November 29, 2018


Student Life Energy Management and Sustainability is pleased to announce the 2018 recipients of the Coca-Cola Student Sustainability Grants. This program, now in its seventh year, provides funding to promote students’ innovative efforts, and to allow them to implement sustainable initiatives across campus.  The Ohio State University is dedicated to educating, researching, and executing inspired ideas to conserve resources, reduce greenhouse gases, and promote sustainability in all areas. This  year’s awarded projects are:


Knowlton Hall Student Sustainability and Recycling/ Reuse Initiatives

Student lead: Becca Schalip

Approved funding: $5,284


Reuse stations will placed around Knowlton Hall for students to hold items they would normally throw away, so that they can be reused by other students. New recycling stations will also be installed to help reduce recycling contamination and educate students.


OSU Mansfield Ecolab

Student lead: Kyle Dues

Approved funding: $4,500


A microfarm is going to be built on an under-utilized space of the 640-acre Mansfield Ecolab. On this site, students will be able to individually plant, manage, and grow a variety of crop, which will ultimately allow them to be urban farming ambassadors and use these skills to lead and manage future projects in their own community.


Fruitful Agroforestry/ Permaculture System

Student lead: Rachael Birri

Approved funding: $7,575


A permaculture system will be built that will include layers of fruit trees, nut trees, groundcovers, and mushrooms that will allow for the space to be educational, a source of food, a habitat for pollinators, and area for carbon sequestration. This will allow Ohio State to be on the forefront of agroforestry research.




Student lead: Thomas Hillyer

Approved funding: $5,130


TEXxOhioStateUniversity is a leader in creating a more sustainable campus and lifestyle for its students. Through The World Worth Saving Initiative, the audience in attendance will leave inspired by ideas that embody sustainability, active engagement through zero-waste, and gifts to allow such ideas to maintained over time.


Outdoor Adventure Center

Student lead: Wesley Wehrle

Approved funding: $1,800


A compost bin will be placed on the  Outdoor Adventure Center, to collect organic waste from OAC programs. Along with this, educational programming will be created to teach skills on sustainable food practices. Student groups across campus will be able to come to the OAC and learn about the benefits that come from waste diversion and small-scale gardening.