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  • KSA Big Steps "Less Is More" Display KSA Big Steps "Less Is More" Display
  • KSA Project Plastic Bag Display KSA Project Plastic Bag Display

KSA Student Sustainability and Recycling Initiative

May 1, 2019

Students of the Knowlton School of Architecture (KSA) created and unveiled an art piece promoting conservation and sustainability during this year’s Time for Change week. This installation was part of a project that received one of 2018’s Coca-Cola Student Sustainability Grants.

This art installation, composed of hundreds of plastic bags, was hung on the ceiling above the Big Steps. The steps, below the piece, themselves displayed the words, “Less Is More” -- composed of reused KSA materials. The purpose of the art piece was to raise awareness for the material and food waste created in KSA, and highlight strategies for reuse and recycling. The grant also funded the creation of reuse stations to collect leftover materials in the wood shop, as well as the purchase of reusable shopping bags and metal straws that were distributed during Time for Change Week.