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  • What is recyclable on campus? What is recyclable on campus?

Orientation Recycling Tips

May 28, 2018

Welcome to The Ohio State University! We wish you incoming freshmen the best of luck navigating orientation and these first two days on Ohio State's campus. 

Are you staying on campus for orientation? Make sure to check out where to put your recycling in Morrill Tower and start your journey as a Green Buckeye!

Ohio State's goal is to become Zero Waste by 2025 and we need your help! Here are five easy tips to be green.

1. Recycle! There are bins located everywhere on campus! See the attached flyer for every item that is recyclable on campus and in the Columbus area.

2. Use the COTA bus to sightsee and visit Columbus!

3. Check out the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Science majors to see if you want a career focused on sustainability! Every school at Ohio State has majors or areas of focus related to sustainability, so consider this as a part of your future education!

4. Turn off the light when leaving the room to conserve energy!

5. Join one of Ohio State's sustainability organizations on campus! There are over 60 organizations, just relating to sustainability alone!


By following these tips, you can be a Green Buckeye the moment you step on campus!