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Student Organization Spotlight: OUAB

February 8, 2019

Many of the events that happen around campus are put on by the Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB). OUAB is Ohio State’s student-led programming board that provides diverse programs and events that are educational, entertaining, and thought provoking. Their goal as an organization is to bring new and interesting events to diversify the student experience on campus.

This semester, OUAB is distributing their new promotional marketing item to students- reusable metal straws! OUAB wanted to give students an item that was useful, but also environmentally friendly. In the fall, they gave away reusable water bottles, which students really enjoyed and continued to help reduce plastic waste on campus. Other initiatives that are coming soon include giving out reusable tote-bags and moving to an online, e-ticketing platform. OUAB tries their best to OUABe Green so they can do their part in helping the environment and enhance the campus experience.

OUAB encourages all students to come to their events and even apply to be a part of their organization. If you want to create an impact and bring your ideas for campus to life, then OUAB may be a home for you!


Connect with OUAB:

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @OUAB
Snapchat: @ouabsnaps