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Green Buckeyes

Green Buckeyes Chapter Challenge

The Chapter Challege Pilot Program is designed to engage students in fraternities and sororities in sustainability efforts at Ohio State. Chapters must meet three requirements to participate: 

  1.  Appoint a representative from their chapter to focus on sustainability, by January 31st, 2022. This representative will create a sustainability-themed event or organize a group of members (10% attendance required) to attend another sustainability-themed event during each semester. This representative represents the chapter/Greek Letter Organization for the duration of the program. Chapters earn points for each event they create/attend. Points are tracked using a Green Chapter Scorecard, available online.

  2. Identify and report one sustainability-themed behavior the chapter’s house has selected to change or implement by February 15th, 2022 to the program coordinator in the Student Life sustainability office. Chapters will earn points for each behavior they implement, to be tracked on the Green Chapter Scorecard. The behavior may be anything related to sustainability, but the initiative must be new for the chapter house. If a chapter does not have a collective house, a behavior(s) that 80% of chapter members can adopt in their respective housing should be selected. 

  3. Submit a digital Green Chapter Scorecard at the end of the semester by the due date indicated. Chapters will be awarded different levels of certification based on the total number of points they earn, as follows:
  • 1-5 points: Certified Green Chapter 
  • 6-10 points: Certified Green Chapter, Gray Level 
  • 10+ points: Certified Green Chapter, Scarlet Level 

Spring 2022 Contest:

Chapters that meet all requirements and submit a Scorecard will be considered for Green Chapter as outlined above. The chapter with the highest score will receive $500 towards their chosen philanthropy. The winning chapter’s Sustainability Representative will be responsible for coordinating with Student Life director of sustainability to accept their prize money. In the event of a tie, a drawing will be to determine the 2022 Green Buckeyes Chapter Challenge Champions.

If interested in participating and/or learning more about the program, please fill out the form at If your chapter WILL be participating, fill out the form at

Specific questions regarding the Green Buckeyes Chapter Challenge can be directed to with the subject line “Green Buckeyes Chapter Challenge Program.”