Office of Student Life

Green Buckeyes

Tom Reeves

  • Title: Director, Energy Management & Sustainability
  • Phone: 614-247-8207
  • Email:

Tom began work as a student employee at Ohio State in 1987 and has worked as a fulltime employee since 1994. He earned a B.S in English education and has an M.A. in Educational Policy and Leadership, both from Ohio State. He began working in “sustainability” when he was a finance manager. As such, his sustainability philosophy has a strong financial component—you can’t be too sustainable if costs you too much to do so. In addition to financial sustainability, Tom is passionate about learning about how to teach people how to integrate sustainable actions in their daily lives. “Sustainability doesn’t have to be that big a deal!” he often says. In his spare time, Tom enjoys reading, singing, watching “Modern Family” reruns and playing with his beagle, Annie.