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  • Recycling Magnet for Residence Halls Recycling Magnet for Residence Halls

Residence Hall Recycling 101

September 26, 2017

Buckeyes Recycle! Each residence hall room has a red recycling bin and each building now has individualized posters that provide recycling instructions. These posters tell residents where to drop off their recyclables and trash. The posters can be found below. Feel free to share widely!


South Campus Waste Instructions

North Campus Waste Instructions

West Campus Waste Instructions


Contamination is a problem for recycling on campus. Each room should have a magnet on the fridge that displays the common items that belong in the recycling. These items include soap bottles, papers, and coffee cup sleeves. These magnets also identify the common items that lead to contamination in the campus recycling.  Some of the frequently misplaced objects are coffee cups, to-go food containers, plastic utensils, paper towels, and plastic bags.


Visit to learn more about how to recycle on campus!


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