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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why is my residence hall not included in the competition?

If your residence hall is not included in the list for the Residence Hall Energy Competition, that means that a smart meter has not yet been installed in your building. This year's energy competition is limited to only the buildings with functioning smart meters. Ohio State Energy Partners is in the process of installing smart meters in all of Ohio State's buildings over the next 2 years.

Why is the competition limited to only buildings with smart meters?

The competition only includes buildings with smart meters because progress is being monitored by Ohio State Energy Partners' Digital Energy Platform. It would not be fair to digitally monitor some buildings and not the others, therefore, all residence halls in the competition must have the same technology. 

What are the smart meters and what do they do?

Smart meters are electronic devices that monitor energy consumption for a residence hall, facility, classroom building, etc. These meters communicate information about the building's energy (electricity, natural gas, steam, etc.) consumption and monitors energy usage over time. At Ohio State, residence halls will be able to communicate directly with the Digital Energy Platform to tell you about your energy consumption with accurate data in real time!

Is it possible to monitor energy consumption for buildings without smart meters?

Yes, it is possible. Without smart meters, energy usage must be monitored manually. This means that Ohio State is capable of monitoring the energy consumption of all of its buildings, but the process is more laborious without smart meters. Since reading these meters takes longer and requires more effort, the data is not as up-to-date or accurate.

Are all of the buildings on campus going to have a meter eventually?

Yes, Ohio State Energy Partners is in the process of installing smart meters inn all of the residence halls. This means that eventually the annual Residence Hall Energy Competition will include all of the residence halls and you will be able to track your building with the Digital Energy Platform. 

If my residence hall is not included in the competition, can I still win prizes?

Yes, follow @greenbuckeyes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.